Preventive Services


To minimize radiation exposure to our patients, we use digital x-rays and recommend yearly x-rays on all of our non-cavity active patients.

3-D Cone Beam Imaging

The most advanced way of taking a Xray. It is a 3 dimensional rendition of the jaws and mouth. Approximately less than 10% of dental offices in the country are capable of offering this service.

Intra-Oral Photography

Intra-oral photography helps explain the diagnosis. It also offers patients a unique opportunity to see what the dental team sees in your mouth. Additionally, it magnifies images up to 40 times helping the dental team make better assessment of your dental issues.

Microscopic Slide (Phase Contrast)

Microscopic slides help better determine the susceptibility of the patient to gum disease and better assessment of the effectiveness of treatment.

Gum Care

Healthy Gum Cleaning

Healthy gum cleaning is considered above gum cleaning with minimal plaque and gum inflammation.

Periodontal Therapy and Irrigation

Diseased gum situation where the supporting tissues breakdown occurs requiring more extensive gum cleaning and sub-gingival debridement. Irrigants such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium fluoride and other antimicrobial solutions are used to better deal with the disease progression. Other names for periodontal therapy are root planning, deep cleaning or sub-gingival debridement.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is the most advanced and effective approach to gum disease and care. Additionally, laser therapy can be used for a number other treatments, such as, minor gum surgeries, sterilizing implant sites and help stop bleeding issues.

Cancer Screening

Use of Velscope helps detect pre-cancerous sites at its early stages for a more successful results and treatment. Recommended: Annually

Cavity Prevention Care


Pits and fissures on newly erupted teeth can trap plaque and food, which may be difficult to clean by brushing alone. These areas are generally first to show signs of decay. Sealants, a resin-like material, are used to fill these pits and fissures. It is critical they be used at the onset of eruption to minimize the chances of undetected incipient decay being covered up under the sealant.

Preventive Resin Restoration

When there is incipient decay in the pits and fissures of a tooth, the best preventive measure is to perform a PRR.

Bite Equilibration

Computerized balancing of your bite is extremely important in preventing fractures, tooth cracks and excessive sensitivity of your teeth. Recommended: At initial exam

Night Guard / Occlusal Stent

Night guard and occlusal stents (bite stents) are designed to protect patient’s teeth and bite from excessive and traumatic grinding, clinching and bruxism. It helps de-focalize the excessive forces exerted on the dentition by clinching and spread them over the entire dentition.

Nutritional Counseling & Patient Education

Nutritional counseling has become more and more prevalent to the oral health and to overall well-being. According to the current scientific opinion, healthy mouth will accompany healthy body.