Reconstructive Services

Implant Dentistry

Implant placement has two phases, the surgical placement and the restorative portion.

Surgical Placement

Placement of the implant in the jaw bone.


After the healing of the implant, fabrication of the crown constitutes the restorative portion.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth reconstruction of all or most of the dentition becomes necessary in severe wear cases, excessive loss of teeth and loss of vertical stop, or sudden loss of teeth due to accident.

Re-Establish Proper Bite

Re-establishing a patient’s bite is generally performed on cases with early signs of wear and bite compromise. It focuses on re-establishing the harmony of components of patient’s masticatory system: TMJ, muscles of mastication and bite.

Restore Severely Worn Teeth

Patient’s with severely worn teeth generally involve the TMJ in addition to their bite issues. In these cases, a more comprehensive approach is required to not only reconfigure the bite and establish harmony, but also, the dental team need to reconfigure the TMJ as well.

Correction of Collapsed Bite

Patients with collapsed bite has an additional component to re-configure. In addition to re-establishing the bite and TMJ, the dental team needs to assess the adaptability of the muscles of mastication to the newly established harmony or adaptive state of function.

Facial Pain and Headaches

Temporomandibular Joint Therapy
Non-Surgical Stent Therapy

There are many forms of stent therapy generally based on three separate theories of temporomandibular dysfunction leading to headaches and facial pain. The particular stent utilized at Dental Health Solutions, PA(formerly known as: Grand Prairie Family Dental) focuses on re-establishing a state of harmony among the components of patient’s Masticatory (biting) apparatus.

Bite Balancing and Equilibration

Selective and methodical re-contouring of patient’s bite utilizing computerized bite sensor to correct the interaction of teeth and proper transferring of bite forces along teeth long axis. This greatly enhances the longevity of teeth and existing restorations, along with a more positive experience of functionality.

Conventional Braces

You can have a beautiful smile with Orthodontic braces. Dr. Khademazad does braces for adults and children.

Invisalign »

Learn more about our Invisalign services here.

Bite Correction

Bite correction differs from bite balancing. Bite correction focuses on recreating proper functionality and harmony with joint function. It also focuses on eliminating parafunctions. All this means that bite correction eliminates horizontal or lateral forces on your teeth. Horizontal or lateral forces are one of the most destructive forces on teeth.

Removable Bite Reconstruction

Removable dentures and partials offer a removable replacement of teeth and reconstruction of the bite.

Dentures / Partial

Partials are removable replacement of portions of missing dentition, whereas, dentures are the full replacement of the missing dentition.

Precision Attachment

Precision attachment partials and dentures add more retention to a removable prosthesis along with effective directing biting forces for better longevity and more effective function.

Implant Supported

Implant supported partials and dentures, in addition to directing bite forces effectively enhancing longevity and function, they also improve appearance, help preserve the ridge, and improve stability of your removable prosthesis.


Conventional Partials: prosthesis having metal wires (clasps) wrap around anchor teeth for stability and retention.
Conventional dentures offer minimal retention and stability and minimal efficiency in chewing and function.