Surgical Services

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are generally the last teeth developing in your mouth and if erupt it will be sometime during 14-18years of age. Our office generally speaking will recommend extraction of patient’s wisdom teeth. It is an elective procedure unless there is disease associated with the teeth.

Full Mouth Extraction Services

When a patient medically must have all teeth removed, our office will recommend full mouth extraction. Full mouth extraction cases require Dr. Khademazad’s approval as to impact on oral health longevity for such service.

Ridge Extension Services

When there is not enough ridge due to resorption or muscle attachments high on the ridge, this procedure is recommended to help improve stability and retention of a removable prosthesis.

Ridge Preparation Services

Ridge preparation becomes a necessity when there is not enough bone for a particular prosthetic.


Ridge preparation is necessary to buildup the width and seldom the height of the ridge for an implant.

Removable Reconstructions

Ridge preparation is necessary to smoothen all the rough edges, bone protrusions (tori), and excess tissue.

Frenum Removal

In cases where tissue attachments are high on the ridge, or interfere with prosthesis, or cause disease (i.e. gum disease) or spacing (i.e. diastomere) in between teeth.

Biopsies (Hard Tissue & Soft Tissue)

When a sample of tissue is required to be studied to either identify a disease or eliminate the risk of disease, a biopsy is recommended.