Oral Surgery in Grand Prairie, TX

At Grand Prairie Family Dental, you can receive state-of-the-art oral surgeries from the local dental team you know and trust! Dr. Khademazad's dental expertise and advanced technologies allow him to perform the top oral surgeries near Grand Prairie, TX and beyond. His health-based approach is designed to ensure our patients stay comfortable and pain-free — while achieving the healthiest possible outcomes!

Sedation Dentistry For Oral Surgeries

oral surgery patient in chair at Grand Prairie Family DentalBecause our Grand Prairie dental office operates with your comfort in mind, we offer safe, advanced sedation dental services by a licensed anesthesiologist to accompany our comprehensive list of oral surgeries. For those who experience dental anxiety, have special healthcare needs, or will require a lengthy surgical procedure, we offer comfort dentistry services to ease our patients' stress and ensure a more comfortable experience.

At your surgical consultation with the anesthesiologist, they will assess your health history to determine the safest, most effective sedation level for your needs.

Dental Implants

Looking for a long-lasting tooth replacement solution? Dr. Khademazad is an expert in permanent tooth restoration and powerful dental implants!

Dental implants are known to offer aesthetically pleasing results that are built to last for life. They use titanium posts implanted into the jawbone, providing a secure space for luminous crowns to be attached. Whether you're missing a full set of teeth or a few, dental implants are a top restorative solution among our patients.

Our team has restored countless smiles using the following dental implant systems:

  • Single Dental Implants
  • All-on-X (also known as All-on-4®) Dental Implants
  • Overdentures
  • Hybrid Dental Implants
  • Implant-Retained Dentures

Bone Grafting (Guided Bone Regeneration & Augmentation)

This procedure enables the placement of implants in areas where there is not enough bone to accept an implant. This service has helped many patients with compromised bone to enjoy the comfort and functionality of dental implants. At Grand Prairie Family Dental, we are able to offer you a wide range of bone augmentation and regeneration.

Ridge augmentation is most commonly performed after tooth extraction and involves placing a bone graft directly into the empty socket where the tooth's roots once were. This is done to help recreate the natural shape of the gums and jaw after an extraction. Ridge augmentation can prevent jawbone deterioration where a tooth socket once was following a tooth extraction, making it possible for patients to use dentures or receive dental implants in the future. 

Ridge augmentation procedures have been proven to benefit the overall health of a patient's smile, improve the appearance of the smile, and boost confidence. In addition, ridge augmentation procedures are known to:

  • Recreate a natural bone and gum ridge
  • Increase stability for long-term function and oral health
  • Reduce gaps between the gums and dental restorations
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile and gums

I am happy with the service I am receiving. Dr K is amazing and very calm and patient. I will keep coming to this dental office and refer my friends and family.

- Monique B.

Sinus Lift

Our team performs sinus lift surgery, also known as maxillary sinus elevation, to provide more security for dental implants. Dr. Khademazad and his team perform sinus lift surgery for patients who do not have enough bone height to support a dental implant, or for whose sinuses may be too large or too close to support the implant. Sinus lift surgery promises greater dental implant stability using a bone graft procedure.

Tooth Extractions

patient having a tooth removedTooth extractions can be performed for a number of reasons, including damage repair, emergency dental care following injury or trauma, or to prevent a future dental problem, such as wisdom teeth removal.

Using advanced imaging tools and our 3D digital x-rays, our team will take time to determine the cause and extent of the damage before performing a simple or surgical extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

While not every patient will need their wisdom teeth removed, those who leave them untreated may experience pain, orthodontic problems, and even severe infections. Dr. Khademazad and his team use our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to assess the status of wisdom teeth and determine when it's healthiest for you or your child to have the wisdom teeth pulled.

At Grand Prairie Family Dental, we do everything we can to ensure this procedure is seamless and stress-free. Our team performs all different types of wisdom tooth removal surgeries, including the removal of impacted wisdom teeth!


Our team performs frenectomies mostly on young patients who experience dysfunction in the lips or tongue related to a frenum. A frenum or frenulum is a small piece of tissue that attaches either the upper lip to the gum tissue, or the tongue to the floor of the mouth. In some children, the frenum may be attached too tightly, resulting in conditions like tongue-tie, impaired speech, problems with eating or drinking, and more.

During the frenectomy procedure, we will make a small incision within the frenum to restore proper movement of the lips and optimal function of the tongue. The site of the incision site will typically heal in a few days with little to no discomfort!


Commonly known as root end surgery, an apicoectomy involves removing a tooth's root tip and its surrounding tissue. This is typically performed on teeth that are at risk after suffering damage to their inner pulp, to save the tooth and prevent further oral health concerns from arising.

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If you're in need of oral surgery, the team at Grand Prairie Family Dental will work to ensure your procedure is as efficient, comfortable, and painless as possible. We offer customized sedation dentistry services to those who need them and are always here to keep dental anxieties at bay. Give us a call today to schedule your surgical consultation! 

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