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Cone Beam Tomography

Digital x-rays can tell us a lot about the state of a patient’s teeth and supportive tissues. But they can’t tell us nearly as much as cone beam computed tomography can. That’s why Dr. Khademazad, at Grand Prairie Family Dental, PLLC in Grand Prairie, Texas, invested in cone beam computed tomography – CBCT, for short – to allow Dr. Khademazad a view of every nook and cranny in your mouth for the most accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

Every patient deserves to know they’re receiving the highest quality care possible during every visit.

What is Dental Cone Beam CT?

When traditional scans and X-rays aren’t sufficient to gives Dr. Khademazad the information they need to diagnose a dental problem or create an individualized treatment plan, a CBCT scan can be used to target those areas. The cone beam tomography CBCT scan rotates around the patient’s head, taking hundreds of individual images that are then compiled into a single 3D view. The image shows not just the teeth but the entire oral and maxillofacial region (mouth, jaw, and neck), along with the ears, nose, and throat.

It’s the most comprehensive view available. And it allows us to better diagnose and understand the true extent of dental disease so we can provide you with appropriate treatment. Because they use more radiation than traditional X-rays, cone beam tomography CBCT scans are most often used for more complex treatments. The CBCT scan can help your dentist see detailed images of certain regions that traditional machines cannot, such as:

  • Nerve paths
  • Dental structures
  • Soft and hard tissues
  • Bone in the craniofacial region
  • Hidden dental infections around root canal teeth and old extraction sites
  • Airway size problems
  • Arch-to-arch discrepancies
  • Many TMJ disorders

With so many angles to view, Dr. Khademazad gets a much clearer picture of your diagnosis or treatment plan after a cone beam tomography CBCT scan.

What Can I Expect from My Cone Beam Tomography (CBCT Scan) Visit?

Metal objects such as jewelry, glasses, and hearing aids must be removed before your scan to avoid interference with the results. Dr. Khademazad also needs to examine any removable dental work before following through with the scan. If there’s a possibility you could be pregnant, you must tell Dr. Khademazad.

CBCT scanners themselves include either a movable table to lie down on or an upright chair. Scanners with chairs come with a rotating C-arm, which intensifies the X-rays, while those with tables include a gantry that also acts as a detector. Both parts move around the head to take the most accurate images possible.

In one 360-degree rotation, 150-200 two-dimensional images can be taken from different angles, and then they’re combined to form a single 3D image. This gives Dr. Khademazad important information regarding your oral health before creating the right treatment plan.

Call Grand Prairie Family Dental, PLLC at 972-988-0900 to learn how CBCT scanners can make a difference in your dental health.

Patient Testimonials

"What an amazing place! My whole family comes to this office. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. The staff is very knowledgeable and takes care of your needs. Dr. K is great at what he does and does all procedures in house. One stop shop for your dental needs!"

Van Khamthong

"I've been coming to GP Dental for a few years now and I'm very pleased with the work they do. They have your Dental needs and health in your best interest. Dr. K and his staff are great people and make your Dental experience as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend them."

Steve Lowrance

"Grand Prairie Family Dental is an awesome facility. The entire staff are so pleasant and comforting. Dr K is gentle, caring and compassionate while being totally professional. I came to this office with an emergency that was quickly and thoroughly resolved."

Don Gates

"My experience with doctor K has been awesome. He’s gentle and makes me comfortable once I’m in his chair. We always follow up with me to make sure I’m ok. The staff is always friendly and very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone."

Merilyn Simmons

"Great dental hygienist -- very thorough! And as always Dr. Behrooz is caring, competent, encouraging and very professional -- always keeping up with the latest technology to help ensure he takes the best care of his patients!"

Barry Shapiro

dentist near me

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dentist near me

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dentist near me
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