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Solea Dental Laser

Experience Minimal Anxiety & Maximum Comfort with Solea Dental Laser Dentistry

Do you stress out about the dentist? You’re not alone. If you put off your dental checkups because you worry about dental tools, pain, not to mention the sights and sounds of the dental office, there’s good news. Recent technological innovations make it possible to treat many dental issues in a minimally or noninvasive way. There is typically no need for drills, needles, or loud noises that make some patients feel ill at ease at the dentist’s office. Patients can feel comfortable more quickly and have a virtually pain-free dental visit.

Dr. Khademazad wants to remove any anxiety you feel toward your dental visit so we can work with you to ensure your best oral health. Not only will you be more comfortable, but the Solea dental laser procedure will be completed more quickly by eliminating the need for anesthesia injections and the required wait-time for them to take effect. And if you or anyone in your family has multiple cavities, we are able to take care of those all at once without additional appointments.

Grand Prairie Family Dental, PLLC is pleased to announce the arrival of the Solea dental laser to our practice. This pain-free, anesthesia-free treatment technique involves no needles, blood, or sutures for most soft tissue surgeries. Grand Prairie Family Dental, PLLC is the only general dentist in the Dallas Fort Worth area to have this technology, apart from a handful of pediatric practices.

Benefits of using a Laser

Laser frenectomy is superior to traditional frenectomy surgery in so many ways. The laser uses concentrated light and water to cut and cauterize the frenulum. Because of this, laser frenectomy:

  • Is virtually pain-free
  • Requires no anesthesia, which is especially important for infant-care
  • Takes only one to two minutes, for the whole procedure
  • Has a much lower risk of infection
  • Produces very little bleeding
  • Requires no sutures
  • Provides for a shorter healing and recovery time

What is Solea Dental Laser Dentistry?

Solea dental laser is the first FDA-approved CO2 dental laser designed to treat both the teeth and gums. Solea® offers a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers to deliver virtually painless dental procedures for both teeth and gums from simple cavity prep to complex surgeries. A wide range of dental issues can be treated with the Solea dental laser, including more complex oral surgeries. The laser provides a painless, noiseless patient experience, something patients appreciate if they are fearful of needles or drills. The experience is so unique that you will find it hard to believe you were just at a dental appointment.

The majority of hard and soft tissue procedures in our office are done with virtually no anesthesia and soft tissue procedures are done with virtually no bleeding. Blood-free and anesthesia-free procedures represent a major leap forward in dentistry, as we are able to execute multi-quadrant dentistry, fillings on the fly and soft tissue procedures in a single appointment.

What does that mean for you, our patients? You are now able to receive the care you need in a fraction of the time. When patients have anesthesia, they typically leave the office with that numb feeling still prevalent. With Solea, you are able to go right out to lunch or back to work without that numb sensation following your appointment. Solea dental laser is truly changing what it means to go to the dentist.

Laser dentistry is different from traditional methods, and the technique is more precise, allowing for the best treatment possible. It also eliminates the need for local anesthesia injections, waiting for the lidocaine to “kick in,” and then starting your procedure. This reduces the overall time it takes to complete any given procedure, which both the patient and their dentist can appreciate!

Contact us at Grand Prairie Family Dental, PLLC or call 972-988-0900 to learn more about Solea dental laser therapy.

Patient Testimonials

"What an amazing place! My whole family comes to this office. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. The staff is very knowledgeable and takes care of your needs. Dr. K is great at what he does and does all procedures in house. One stop shop for your dental needs!"

Van Khamthong

"I've been coming to GP Dental for a few years now and I'm very pleased with the work they do. They have your Dental needs and health in your best interest. Dr. K and his staff are great people and make your Dental experience as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend them."

Steve Lowrance

"Grand Prairie Family Dental is an awesome facility. The entire staff are so pleasant and comforting. Dr K is gentle, caring and compassionate while being totally professional. I came to this office with an emergency that was quickly and thoroughly resolved."

Don Gates

"My experience with doctor K has been awesome. He’s gentle and makes me comfortable once I’m in his chair. We always follow up with me to make sure I’m ok. The staff is always friendly and very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone."

Merilyn Simmons

"Great dental hygienist -- very thorough! And as always Dr. Behrooz is caring, competent, encouraging and very professional -- always keeping up with the latest technology to help ensure he takes the best care of his patients!"

Barry Shapiro

dentist near me

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dentist near me

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dentist near me
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